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For parents

Dear Parents,
We at Medical University of Varna know what a challenging step it is to assist your child in making an informative decision of choosing the right University to start his her/career. The long journey you are about to embark, starts from the application process, admission, the choice between different Universities and what they can offer you, settling in and getting used to the entirely new environment and life and last but not least is starting the studies and following the proper career pathway during the years.
We have devoted the following area of our website to provide you with the proper information which we hope will be useful for you in making the decision and supporting your child throughout the years spent with us.
Here are some examples of what we can offer to our prospective students:
  • Application assistance- you encourage you to contact us in case of any question you may have during the application and admission process;
  • Chance to visit the University during  the open days or individually scheduled University tour (prior registration is required);
Here are some examples of what we can offer to our current international students
  • Academic support -  students from every course year have a responsible academic coordinator ensuring proper academic support in case of study problems;
  • The Student Affairs Office crew is always ready to assist students in solving or advising for every personal (daily) problem they might face; The Head of the English programmes offered at Medical University of Varna works closely with all academic coordinators and university student affairs officers as tries to ensure proper problem solving and advising.
Our main objective is to support the students (in educational and personal matters) through every step of their way at Medical University of Varna so that they can have a pleasant time here with us and develop professionally themselves and succeed academically!
To find out more information about the University and the undergraduate admission we ask you to read the following sections of our website and come and visit our friendly and peaceful campus!
We are also happy to receive email or phone enquiries from parents to our contact details as follows:
Tel: +359 52 677 085