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Registration for studies

Admitted students register for studies and sign their tuition agreements before the beginning of the academic year. Those who are arriving after the Orientation week must immediately register for studies prior to commencing the studies.

When can I proceed with enrollment/matriculation at the University?
1.    I have submitted all of the required application documents (apostilled and translated into Bulgarian language as per requirements).
2.    I have been successfully ranked for admission.
3.    I have received my Letter of Acceptance and further Enrollment details (by e-mail and in my MUV e-application account).
4.    I have filled in the Enrollment form in my MUV online application account (the option would be visible in the system once your admission status appears as admitted). 

Enrollment place:

•    For freshmen students admitted to the Programme of Dental Medicine in English:

Newly admitted students in the Programme of Dental medicine in English shall complete their enrollment at the Faculty of Dental medicine (84 Tzar Osvoboditel Street) – Student Affairs Office (floor 2, room 201A). Please look for Mrs. Teodora Todorova`s name on the door table).

•    For freshmen students admitted to the Programme of Medicine in English:

Newly admitted students in the Programme of Medicine in English shall enroll at the Faculty of Medicine (main building of the University-55 Marin Drinov Street) – floor 2, room 205. Please look for Ms. Dilyana Panayotova, Ms. Sirma Draganova, Ms. Diyana Nikolova and Ms.Viliana Panteleeva`s names on the door table).

Office hours of the Enrollment offices: Mon - Fri: - 09:30 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. and 13:30 p.m. - 16:00 p.m.

What do I need to complete the enrollment? 

You do need the following enrollment documents:

1. Covered semester fee (4000 EUR = 7823.32 BGN) payable to the University bank account in BGN; 

The tuition fee shall be paid in the BGN equivalent of the fixed tuition sum in EUR according to the fixing of the EUR to BGN to the University bank account as follows:

Name of the Bank: DSK BANK PLC, Varna branch / Bulgaria
IBAN: BG24STSA93003100040700 in BGN
Beneficiary name & address: 
Medical University Varna
55 "Marin Drinov" St., Varna 9002, Bulgaria

Please bring the proof of payment (bank receipt) with you on a hard copy when you come to complete your enrollment in Varna. 

2. Registration documents/set (Includes student ID card; student book/index book) – available for sale at the University bookstore – 55 Marin Drinov Street.

3. Valid health insurance covering Bulgaria and the duration period of the academic year!

For further details, please refer to Heath insurance from the Prospective students gateway on the admission area of our website.

4. Valid study visa type D for Non-EU students.