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Entry test in English

Applicants who would like to sit the preliminary Entry test dates (13 April 2013 and 6 June 2013) must submit to the Student Affairs Office at Medical University of Varna the following documents:

  • An application form- signed and dated;
  • Copy of ID card or passport;
  • A confirmation of covered administrative fee amounting to 200 euro payable to the University bank account:

Applicants who failed the preliminary Entry test in English or who get a low pass would have the chance (upon their written request) to resit the entry test during the announced regular test dates.

The applicants` results from the entry test in English will participate in the final classification and ranking of all applicants.

Entry test in English


The dates for sitting the Entry test in English at the Medical University of Varna for October 2013 intake are as follows:

  • 13 April 2013;
  • 6 June 2013;
  • 4 July 2013
  • 31 July 2013;
  • 12 September  2013;
  • 26 September  2013;

The administrative fee for sitting the Entry test in English amounts to 200 euro.

The University bank account is as follows:

DSK BANK PLC, Sofia /Bulgaria


IBAN: BG05STSA93003400040702 - for payments in euro

In favour of: Medical University Varna

55 "Marin Drinov" St., Varna 9000, Bulgaria

Place of conducting the Entry test in English

55 Marin Drinov street, Varna (the main building of the University). The auditorium number is usually announced a week before the examination.

The examinations start at 9.00 a.m.

For further information and registration for the Entry test in English please contact