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Project title/Contract number: MSCA-NIGHT-2014: European Researchers' Night (NIGHT) "Researchers in the Knowledge Triangle" Acronym: K-TRIO 2 633175 - K-TRIO 2
Implementation period: 2014-2015
The K-TRIO 2 project European Researchers' Night is funded by the European Commission on Marie Sklodowska-Curie Actions of the Horizon 2020 Program.

In 2014, for а consecutive year, the event took place in Varna under the auspices of the Medical University of Varna. During the European Researchers’ Night in 2014 we did a little journey in time to introduce the participants to one of Bulgaria's most brilliant scientists: the patron of the Medical University of Varna, the genius of Bulgarian medicine - Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov.
On 26.09.2014, the citizens of Varna had the opportunity to watch the film telling the incredible history of the great Bulgarian scientist. At the same time a photo-documentary exhibition was held at the Medical University of Varna, revealing little known and curious facts from the life of Prof. Paraskev Stoyanov.

The culmination of the event was at the Museum of the History of Medicine in Varna, where we are moving back to the years after the Liberation to learn why Varna was the leader in the development of medical science and practice in Bulgaria at that time.

The journey back in time ended with a performance in music and prose, and there were also awards for the most memorable guests of the event.

In 2015, the theme of the tenth anniversary edition of the European Researchers’ Night was the light. During the day in the Medical University of Varna, students and guests of the event had the opportunity to see the photos from the photo competition "The Light - a source of health and life".

For the future of the new science, opto-genetics, in which, the vice dean of the Faculty of Medicine Prof. Zlatislav Stoyanov  told that with the aid of light, the medicine could cope with Parkinson's disease and even with cancer. Assistant Professor. Marin Jelezov, MD from the Department of Anatomy presents one of the strangest psycho-physiological phenomena in 2-4% of the people on the planet in a very entertaining and interesting way, and namely the synesthesia. The Vice Rector of Innovation and Translation Medicine, Prof. Hristina Groupcheva, MD presents the light through the eyes of an ophthalmologist with many years of professional experience and knowledge.

Scientists from the departments of Chemistry and Physics, who with the help of several flasks, tubes, lenses, telescopes, mirrors present to the visitors the "magical" world of scientists.

By uniting all member states in the European Union in this common platform to popularize scientists and their work, we demonstrate the importance and influence of the science itself in our daily busy lives through demonstrations, exhibitions and discussions on the latest significant innovation and technological developments in different sectors such as energy, new materials and quality of life.

Implementation period: 2014-2015