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Международна дейност

Project title/Contract number: BG05M2OP001-2.002-0001 "Students Practices – Phase 1"

The aim of the project "Student Practices - Phase 1" is to increase the quality of higher education and to help to bridge the gap between business and universities, in order to facilitate the employment of the students on the labor market.

By conducting a practical training in a real work environment, the students have the opportunity to build on their theoretical knowledge, to acquire new skills and competences, to be valued and to learn to achieve a visible and a clear result of their work. The practical training of the students lasts 240 hours and after their completion, they receive a certificate and a scholarship of 480 BGN. In addition, the employers have the opportunity to evaluate their potential and to select their future staff or to facilitate their further professional career by giving them recommendations.

Beneficiary of the project "Student Practices - Phase 1" is the Ministry of Education and Science, implemented under the Operational Program "Science and Education for Smart Growth" with the support of the European Structural and Investment Funds in partnership with 48 higher education institutions in the country. Phase 1 of the project is from September 2016 to September 2018.

1849 students from the Medical University of Varna have the opportunity to participate in the project and to carry out their practice by the end of the phase.