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Международна дейност

National Research Fund

List of active projects

  • Post-ischemic neuroprotection: role of ghrelin and the transcription factor Pax6;
  • Cardiovascular and metabolic risk in relation with visceral adipose tissue in type 1 diabetes mellitus;
  • Creation a diagnostics and treatment algorithm in patients with acute anterior-lateral ankle instability;
  • Cyano-prokaryotes - a new potential risk factor for malignancies in Bulgaria;
  • Study on molecular mechanisms of effects of sulfur-containing mineral waters from the Varna Basin on human metabolism in regards to their usage as drinking remedy;
  • Determination of marine toxins in Black Sea shells and plankton;
  • Seasonal variations in lipid profile and thermal stress effect on the lipid composition of Black sea Mytilus galloprovincialis and Rapana venosa;
  • Integrated approach to improve the quality, organoleptic properties and biological activity of Aronia functional foods (Aronia melanocarpa) by co-pigmentation and synergy in antioxidant activity.