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Новини и Събития

Easter Charity Bazaar

If you still have not bought Easter decorations, hurry up and do it - the first Easter Charity Bazaar, which is organized by the second year students in Social Activities, at Medical College – Varna, has already started and will continue until tomorrow.

If you visit the lobby of the Medical College at 89, Tsar Osvoboditel Blvd, from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm, you will gain not only pre-Easter mood, but also at the cost of a mere trifle you can buy colourful wreaths, gaily-coloured Easter eggs and rabbits,  handmade by the children in the  Children's Psychiatric Clinic at "St. Marina" University Hospital. The Easter postcards are created by the students in Social Activities and everybody who has bought something from the colorful stall will be given as a gift an Easter fortune slip and plenty of smiles.

The money raised at the charity campaign will be donated to the Children's Psychiatric Clinic and to the Foundation "Joy for Our Children" - Varna non-governmental organization, whose activities are focused on the children with disabilities and special needs.

During their stay in the Clinic, under the expert guidance of specialists – psychotherapists, the little kids never stop creating - art therapy is an essential part of the recovery and healing process. The raised funds will be used for the purchase of more materials, which will be transformed into beautiful and colorful artwork by the children – a beauty to behold.