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We Win! MU - Varna - Football Champion!

The most competitive tournament of the 14th Varna Universiade - the Mini Football Tournament - finished a couple of minutes ago. The team of MU-Varna, with the captain Lachezar Lyubenov, a student in Pharmacy, defeated with 3-1 the team of the Technical University in the finals and it fully deserved the championship title.

Shortly before that our team played in the semifinals versus one of the most serious contenders for leadership in football – the team of the University of Economics. After the end of the regular time, during which neither of the teams had allowed a goal in their net, shootouts were played - our boys succeeded in scoring 3 goals in the economists' net, while their goals were only 2 in our net.

Ali Ali, a first year student in Dental Medicine at MU-Varna, was awarded to the title Top Scorer of the Tournament, with a total of over 15 goals.

MU-Varna has deserved the pride and the pleasure to be awarded with the Championship title in Football for the first time in the 14-year history of the University Sports Games -Varna Universiade. The official award ceremony of the winners will take place at 8 pm, on Saturday, 20th April, at Playground - Mall Varna, 4th floor.

We have often heard sports comments, such as "our players needed just a little bit of luck to win" or "luck was not on our side." After today's victory we know one thing for certain that luck and success follow the courageous and the selfless. And when a little bit of proven professionalism is added to this, personified by the football legend, the team's coach Bozhil Kolev and the full support of the academic management, provided by the Rector of the University, Prof. Dr Krasimir Ivanov, then success and victory inevitably come. We shouldn't forget the sporting spirit and courage that Prof. Dr Ara Kaprelyan, the president of the club, inspires in the boys. Yes ... everything matters. Including the sports outfits, with the name of the University on them, which, you guys managed to defend with dignity! We are proud of you!