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Practice in Pharmaceutical Botany

Last week the second year students in Pharmacy, at Medical University – Varna, held their first practice session outdoors, near Kaliakra Nature Reserve, as a part of the compulsory practical training in the discipline of Pharmaceutical Botany.
They had the opportunity to get acquainted with medicinal plants in their natural habitat, as well as to collect plant material for producing training systematic and morphological herbarium. The practical session is intended to lay the foundation, on which, in the future, the students will be able to get oriented for any unfamiliar to them medicinal plant and it is a method for acquiring the basic concepts of Plant Ecology and Plant Geography.
During the visit to the Botanical Garden in Balchik, they were impressed by its rich and wonderfully arranged exposition and especially the collection of over 80 varieties of decorative tulips, which was particularly
colorful. The collection of medicinal plants enriched the students' knowledge in the field of Pharmaceutical Botany significantly and the sea breeze and the sunny weather contributed to the wonderful mood and the unforgettable experience, both for the lecturers and the students.
The next two stages of the practical training in the discipline of Pharmaceutical Botany will be held in May - in the Sea Garden and on the territory of the village of Shkorpilovtsi.