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October 1st the Varna Medical University’s foundation and anniversary

For Japan today is a National Coffee Celebration, for Singapore it is the Child's day and for Uzbekistan it is Teacher's day.  October 1st is an International Vegetarian Day and a World Music Day. For students, teachers and Varna Medical University's administration October 1st is a holiday and a birthday for the University.


On this date was the first school year at Varna Medical University named Higher Medical Institute 52 years ago. On October 1st 1961 the first students from the third year entered the first higher medical school in Northeast Bulgaria.

Today after more than half century the university has more than one first palace:

  • 1969 the teaching in medical genetics was introduced for the first time in Bulgaria;
  • 1993 the specialty "Healthcare management" was opened for the first time in the country;
  • 2008 Varna Medical University was the first and only university in Bulgaria that introduced EFQM® a model for Business Excellence of the European foundation for quality management;
  • 2012 the professional training in the new professions Caregiver and Healthcare assistant recognized by the Bulgarian country and entered in the register of professions after the initiative of the teams from Varna Medical University and the University Hospital "St. Marina" – Varna was inrtoduced for the first time;
  • 2013  the specialties "Medica optician", "Medical Cosmetologist", "Pharmaceutical management" and "Assistant to the dentist" were revealed for the first time in the country;
  • 2013  Varna Medical University was a Football champion in the annual students spot tournament "Varna Universiade" for the first time …

And this is only a part of the championships of Varna Medical University that was named after Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov in 2002. Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov is renowned as the person who founded the first Bulgarian School of Surgery. The University has increased its capacity around 2 times which ranked it in the top positions as the most dynamically developed university in the country only for the last year.

Therefore for this academic year over 3500 students of whom 700 are representatives from 34 countries choose to study at the University. Many projects in the field of human resources, infrastructure, new training forms and research were won during the last months. The total amount is over 6 million BGN. The academic faculty of the university has risen with 12 professors, 18 associate professors and 5 senior assistants for the last academic year. There were issued and published over 630 scientific papers – monographs, articles in foreign and Bulgarian scientific journals, reports of the national and international fora. Simultaneously it was made large scale investments for renovation of the students' hostels and sports bases, modernizing the classrooms and hospitals – a line of steps that approached the university to the set aims such as to meet the social needs of highly qualified medical and managerial staff; to develop fundamental and applied research, innovation and new technologies.