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Ultrasound in Emergency Medicine

University Hospital “St. Marina” – Varna hosted a training in ultrasound emergency medicine which gathered together physicians working in emergency departments and students of medicine. Gregor Prosen, MD, a Professor from the Medical College at the University of Maribor (Slovenia) and qualified European instructor in emergency ultrasound was the leading lecturer at the Workshop. Prof. Prosen is an instructor in ultrasound in emergency resuscitation at WINFOCUS (introductory and expert level), emergency resuscitation in trauma at the American College of Surgeons, emergency resuscitation at the European Resuscitation Council, paediatric reanimation in paediatric patients. The training was organized by Ilan Medical Equipment and carried out under the auspices of the Medical University of Varna, University Hospital “St. Marina”, the Chamber of Anesthesiologists and Intensive Therapeutists in Varna, the Bulgarian Emergency Medical Services Association and the National Society of Emergency Medicine. Photos by Petko Momchilov

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