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A Specialist in Nephrology Has Become an Associate Professor at Medical University – Varna

On 2nd July the Academic Council of Medical University - Varna elected Dr. Aleksander Stoyanov Stoyanov, MD, to take the academic position "Associate Professor".

The research activities of Assoc. Prof. Aleksander Stoyanov are based to a great extent on his immediate diagnostic and therapeutic clinical activity as an internist and nephrologist with long-standing experience in the field of non-renal blood purification methods, with established reputation in the scientific society and among the patient.

Urea kinetic modeling is amidst the main topics of the research activities of Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Stoyanov, to which he has devoted the largest number of his publications, which represent a considerable contribution. Based on his scientific works Assoc. Prof. Stoyanov develops and introduces into clinical practice his own computer programme for dialysis dose calculation (Kt / Vdp and TAC) and nutritional status of patient (nPCR). Furthermore, Assoc. Prof. Stoyanov's research is dedicated to uremic toxicity, which is closely related to the topic of urea kinetic modeling.

Another essential part of his research and practical activities is dedicated to apheresis. Assoc. Prof. Stoyanov presents the results of the application of therapeutic plasmapheresis, limpho sorption, immunoadsorption in various conditions. He has a rationalization, facilitating the conduct of LDL-apheresis. He has also dedicated a certain number of publications to early diagnosis of renal diseases, treatment of peritoneal dialysis, quality of life of dialysis patients, peculiarities in adult patients.

The last scientific publication, presented by Assoc. Prof. Stoyanov, is the monograph "Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease", dedicated to a problem of exceptional social significance. The author lays special emphasis on

the importance of the selection of renal replacement therapy in the treatment of chronic kidney disease, the factors which determine the advantages and disadvantages of each method of treatment, the quality of life, which the appropriate therapy provides to the patient. He elaborates on the indications and contraindications of the different methods of renal replacement therapy (RRT) and the major complications and problems throughout the treatment.

However, the selection of a method of RRT does not have only a medical but also purely economic aspect - this is a very expensive treatment that lasts throughout the whole life of the patient. In this respect, "Treatment of Chronic Kidney Disease" is particularly important and relevant. Assoc. Prof. Stoyanov focuses on the role of peritoneal dialysis in this treatment. He pays special attention to renal transplantation in our country. Moreover, he provides a wealth of information on the dietary restrictions for patients with chronic kidney disease according to the selected method.