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Medical University of Varna has received institutional accreditation for a period of 6 years

Medical University "Prof. d-r Paraskev Stoyanov"- Varna received regular institutional accreditation with an assessment grade of 9,27 (out of 10 possible) for a period of 6 years (the maximum possible period). The institutional accreditation of the University was given by the Accreditation council of the NEAA (National Evaluation and Accreditation Agency) on 05.09.2013.

The high accreditation assessment grade is a solid ground for the capacity increase for the students and doctoral students (Phd's) in Medical University "Prof. d-r Paraskev Stoyanov"- Varna from 2800 to 4800.

Institutional accreditation indicates whether the standards adopted as mandatory for the Bulgarian educational system are met. Institutional accreditation is a result of the efficiency evaluation by means of which the higher school controls, maintains and improves the quality of training in the offered fields of higher education and professional fields.

The capacity of two majors from the regulated professions in the Medical College – Varna -"Assistant pharmacist" and "X-ray laboratory assistant" was increased with 50% (Accreditation council of the NEAA decision from 05.09.2013.)