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Новини и Събития

“The More the Merrier”

Elections for new Students' Union members for completing the quotas for the Medical College and the Faculty of Public Health were held on Thursday.

The election day passed with high voting activity, with a total number of voters - 248. Eighteen candidates participated in the elections and the newly elected members were 8 (4 representatives from the Medical College and 4 from the Faculty of Public Health respectively).

The elections for filling the quotas for the first and the second year in the specialties of Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy were held last week. Twenty nominations were submitted during the elections. After the ballot there were 2 candidates from the specialty of medicine the total number of the newly elected members was 8. Thereby, the new Students' Union members became 16 and the total number of the students' community representatives from all faculties and the Medical College became 41.

During this academic year Varna Medical University has increased its capacity and as a result, the number of the newly enrolled students was raised from 799 during the last year to 1150 for this academic year which creates the necessity of increasing the number of Students' Union representatives.