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Congratulation on the Day of the Bulgarian Doctor – 19th October!

Dear Colleagues,

Congratulation on the Day of the Bulgarian Doctor – 19th October! Today, on the Day of St. Ivan Rilski, the Wonderworker, I congratulate all Bulgarian doctors on the professionalism, enthusiasm and humanity through which we defend our name every single day.

This is the day when the society pays tribute to the people who have dedicated themselves to the most humane profession - the one that can regain the joy in life, that gives strengths to the weak, heals the sick ones, and helps life to triumph. Successors to the wisdom of the millennial Hippocratic Oath, we carry enormous weight of responsibility and dedicate ourselves to humanism, in its purest form. And the greatest prize for our work is expressed in the simple words "Thank you!".

Medicine is a mission that is not influenced by colour or gender, by a political system or religion, because its calling is to save and give life a chance. For us, specialists, time has lost its astronomical value a long time ago, for us it is measured through saving lives, through our devotion to the people in need.

I believe that despite the difficulties in the healthcare system we will continue to fight for the victory of life! I believe that with our joint efforts and good will we will achieve the results that our society expects - quality health care for the Bulgarian citizens, meeting the highest standards of the European healthcare.

To all Bulgarian doctors,  dedicated to the most humane profession in the world - the one that wins trust, takes care of life and preserves hope – I would like to wish a lot of professional success, satisfied patients, good health and family happiness!

Happy Holiday!


Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov, DSc

                                                                        Rector of Medical University

                                                                                   "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov" - Varna