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Students from MU-Varna Visited the European Organization for Nuclear Research - CERN

Traditionally, this year again students from the Bulgarian and English-language programmes of Medicine and Dental Medicine at MU-Varna visited the European Organization for Nuclear Research, better known by the original acronym CERN, in the city of Geneva, Switzerland.

In the period of 19-20.04.2017 the students had the opportunity to understand and become aware of  the mission of the organization - how and when the idea of the implementation of this gigantic scientific project originated, what experiments have been carried out on its territory, and what benefit it brings to humanity.

They got acquainted with the antimatter factory experiment, which is interesting because unlike the LHC experiment – the largest and most powerful particle accelerator, the particles here are slowed down.

The students also attended a lecture delivered by the Coordinator of the Network for Technology Transfer and Biomedical Applications at the Education and Technology Transfer Division - Ms Manjit Dosanjh, who pointed out how essential the interdisciplinary link between the various areas of science is. 
Thanks to Ms Dosanjh there are numerous applications of physics discoveries in medicine. She acquainted the students from MU-Varna with the latest discoveries, which are to be introduced into the work of doctors with a view to achieving more accurate cancer diagnosis.
Under the supervision of Aleksandar Hristov, a Bulgarian scientist working at CERN, our students were able to perform an experiment in the new physics learning laboratory - S'Cool Lab.