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The Young Team of MU-Varna Has Become Vice-Champion of the Republic in Sailing Class ORC-B

The sailing boat "Hygia" of MU - Varna ranked 2nd in class ORC-B at the state championship Keel Yachts 2017. The Regatta, organized by the Bulgarian Sailing Federation, was held between 7th - 10th September and was hosted by Balchik Marina Sea Club.

Twenty-nine boats took part in the tough competition. The team of MU - Varna ranked second in the first race, held on 8th September, and on the following day our sailors decisively won all the three races. The score accumulated during the three racing days determined the second place for the youngest team of the Regatta, which was ranked second, only half a point after the winner. The sailing boat "Hygia" was navigated by Captain Angel Dipchikov and a crew of 8 people – students, who had passed the sailing course, organized by the University.

Medical University - Varna has turned the sport of sailing into a traditional and emblematic part of the obligatory students' sports training since academic year 2014/2015. This attractive sea sport is practised by students at leading universities around the world such as Oxford, Harvard, Cambridge, Brown and others. The Department of Foreign Languages, Communication and Sports at MU-Varna has three new vessels for the implementation of the training and sports competition activities.

The practising of the sport of sailing provides the future medical professionals with profound knowledge on the structure of the sailing boat and sailing rules, sailing self-navigation skills under moderate weather conditions, as well as regatta crew competency. At the same time the course cultivates important qualities in the students - teamwork, perseverance, persistence and responsibility.

MU-Varna is the only university in Bulgaria that offers its students training in Marine Medicine and provides knowledge on the health issues related to the man - marine environment relationship. Thanks to the sailing boats available at the University, students have the opportunity to get acquainted with and learn about Marine and Diving Medicine, water-saving activities, as well as water sports skills. In relation to its name "Hygia" - the Goddess of medical treatment and good health through hygiene, the boat is also used for research purposes and in-depth research by the Department of Chemistry. Over the recent months a study has been conducted on the purity of marine resources and the diversity of flora and fauna in the Black Sea.

The past keelboat sailing competition was the last in the Federation's calendar this year. Despite the fact that the team of MU-Varna was only a year old, it managed to win significant victories, of which one first and two second places in the regattas: Varna Chanel Cup, Cor Caroli, Port Varna and 11th Maritime Multi-Discipline Regatta. MU-Varna and University Hospital "St. Marina" provided a medical ambulance with a medical team and a rescuer for the needs of the regattas and the security of the participants. The "Panacea" Motor Boat has the necessary equipment for reaction in case of marine incidents, and the team of specialists is from the Department of Anaesthesiology, Resuscitation and Emergency Medicine at University Hospital "St. Marina". During the regattas the participants have passed a training on first aid on water.