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Новини и Събития

Over 100 Foreign Prospective Students Visited the Open Days at MU-Varna

The consecutive Open Days in a row at MU-Varna took place today-23rd June. The event provoked a great interest among the foreign prospective students.

More than 100 prospective medics had the opportunity to explore the richest museum Anatomy collection in the country and to observe human Anatomy through modern 3D technology. Besides the Rectorate – the main University building, the prospective students also visited the Faculty of Dental Medicine and the Faculty of Pharmacy. They got in touch with some of their future lecturers and the current foreign students, who showed them the training facilities of the University.

Currently more than 1 200 international students from over 44 countries from around the world are being trained at MU-Varna. The main factors that attract the large number of foreign students are the special focus on the practical part of the training process, the commitment of the lecturers to the acquisition of the knowledge and the realization of each student, and the excellent training facilities. Upon completion, our students receive a European Diploma Supplement, which makes them competitive all over the continent.

The next Open Days 2017 for foreign applicants are scheduled for 21stJuly and 15th September.