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Patients, Medics and Friends Celebrated the Patron Saint’s Day of University Hospital "St. Marina" in Varna

UMHAT "St. Marina" in Varna celebrated its Patron Saint's Day with a festive liturgy, served by priests from the Varna and Veliko Preslav Metropolis, and a varied music and artistic programme on 17th July. Patients, medics and scores of friends of the hospital attended the celebration and congratulated the management of the hospital.


The Chairperson of the Board of Directors Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov thanked all doctors, nurses and administrative staff for their daily care and dedication to the patients.

Employees' talented children, small patients, who are being treated at the hospital, the soloists from the Varna Opera Daniela Dimova and Valeriy Georgiev, as well as students from Medical University-Varna performed on the stage during the festive three-hour programme. The celebration ended with the performances of the winner in X Factor Slavin Slavchev, who blew the roof off with favourite rock songs.

On the occasion of the holiday all the patients, who are being treated at the hospital, enjoyed a treat, and the youngest patients - favourite goodies.

The Orthodox Church honours the memory of the Holy Victorious Martyr Marina on 17th July. The Saint is considered to be the protector of the waters and the sick people, and according to the ancient beliefs, on that day everyone, sick and healthy, bathes in the healing springs to be safe and sound all the year round.