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Students and Lecturers at MU-Varna Celebrated the World Sleep Day

Lecturers and students from the Faculty of Dental Medicine at MU-Varna celebrated the World Sleep Day (WSD). The initiative was dedicated to the dangers of sleep apnea and snoring for the second year in a row.

The School of Sleep Apnea answered to questions related to health problems caused by sleep disorder, in the course of that free medical check-ups were carried out as well. The specialists from the School reported that the patients that had been treated over the past year had shown exceptionally good results and the symptoms had been removed or reduced. Moreover, up-to-date equipment from Norway is expected to arrive at the University Dental Center.

Statistical studies show that women sleep 9 hours and 7 minutes per day on average, and men, in whom obstructive sleep apnea is more common, a minute longer. Usually the first more evident signs of the disease are observed in patients between 45-50 years of age, but cases of sleep apnea in younger overweight people are not so infrequent. The clinical picture varies from simple snoring to severe symptomatic form of repeated cessation of breathing during sleep.