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Specialist in Endocrinology was Elected Professor at MU – Varna

On 16th October the Academic Council of MU – Varna elected Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kiril Hristov Hristozov, PhD to occupy the academic position "Professor" in the specialty Endocrinology.           

Prof. Hristozov is among the leading Bulgarian thyroidologists with a huge contribution to maintaining modern and innovative diagnostic and therapeutic behaviour. Nowadays he is one of the endocrinologists with the most extensive clinical experience in the North-eastern region. His scientific contribution has profound theoretical and practical orientation and covers the entire field of Endocrinology. In 2005 Prof. Hristozov was awarded with the collective prize Varna – "Diabetic Foot Centre" for his achievements in the scientific field.

Prof. Hristozov's major scientific contributions are represented in the following areas:

Ultrasonography of Cervical Area

Prof. Hristozov has been developing ultrasonic methodology for over 20 years and for the time being he is the leader not only in Northeastern Bulgaria, but also nationwide. He has implemented and evaluated most of the diagnostic and therapeutic applications of ultrasound - volumetry, hystography, elastography, fine needle biopsy with immunohistochemistry and DNA analysis, sclerosing and argon therapy and others. Moreover, in this field Prof. Hristozov is one of the leading scientists in Bulgaria in view of the extensiveness of his scientific production and the implementation of the most advanced applications of ultrasound.

Clinical  Thyroidology

Prof. Hristozov elaborates on almost all current aspects of thyroid diseases in the complexity of the clinical laboratory, ultrasound, cytological and complementary diagnostics. Clinical algorithms of behaviour have been developed. There are further developments that refer to the diffusion processes and also to the focal changes in the thyroid gland. Crucial clinical problems such as subclinical hypothyroidism, thyroid-associated ophthalmopathy have been considered. Extremely interesting and rare cases of thyroid cancer, amyloidosis, etc. have been described. Modern mini-invasive techniques for thyroid parenchyma resection have been evaluated.  The monograph, entitled "Thyroid Gland in Normal and Pathological Conditions", issued by Prof. Hristozov, is a reflection of his extensive clinical experience.

Clinical Osteodensitometry

For the first time in our country Prof. Hristozov has developed reference ranges for bone metabolic pathology in men. Some interesting issues in clinical practice, regarding osteoporosis and metabolic bone pathology, have been considered. For the first time an assessment of the levels of osteoprotegerin has been carried out and its relation to bone and vascular pathology has been investigated.

Aspects of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Strategy in Diabetes Mellitus

Health promotion is an essential practical contribution in Prof. Hristozov's works and it is also reflected in his participation in the creation of textbooks and a manual of diabetes mellitus for general practitioners.

Other Endocrine Diseases

Prof. Hristozov has also been working on a pubertal growth in boys, adrenal pathology, pituitary disorders and others.