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Lecturers at MU-Varna Presented Their Scientific Papers at the 15th Annual Conference of the European Nutrigenomics Organisation

Representatives of MU-Varna participated at the 15th Annual Conference of the European Nutrigenomics Organisation, held under the title “Mitochondria, Nutrition and Health”. It took place from 3rd to 6th September 2018. The event was hosted by the Human Nutrition Research Centre, Newcastle University.

The Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy at MU-Varna Prof. Diana Ivanova, the doctoral student Assist. Prof. Todorka Sokrateva and Assoc. Prof. Milka Nashar at the Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Medicine and Nutrigenomics presented their scientific papers at the forum. They discussed the results and effects of the mineral water from the city of Varna on redox status of human blood. The topic has been developed under a project of the Ministry of Education and Science entitled “Study on the Molecular Mechanisms of Sulfur-Containing Mineral Waters from the Varna Basin on Human Metabolism in Regard to Their Use as a Healing and Drinking Remedy”.

During the conference more than 150 participants had the opportunity to present their scientific papers. The programme included lectures on topics, concerning the mitochondrial function in health and various pathological conditions, as well as different approaches to the complexity, including the latest bioinformatics tools.

As a member of the European Nutrigenomics Organisation, Prof. Ivanova took part in the meeting of the Management Board and its Annual Assembly. Assist. Prof. Sokrateva attended a course intended for young researchers and doctoral students entitled “Temperature and Metabolism: Implications for Nutrition Studies”, which preceded the conference.