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MU-Varna Has Published "Bulgaria: Analysis of the Health System 2018"

Days before discussing the changes in the health insurance model in Bulgaria proposed by the Ministry of Health, Medical University - Varna has published in Bulgarian language the European Observatory on Health Systems and Policies for Bulgaria from the Health Systems in Transition (HiT) series.

The analysis has been prepared and translated into Bulgarian language by a team of Medical University-Varna from the Department of Healthcare Economics and Management.

The publication provides a diverse collection of data on funding, provision of health services, development of material and human resources in healthcare. The analysis traces and assesses the ongoing reforms and focuses on necessary changes in the health and political process. Plenty of facts and evidence are provided to assess the functioning of the healthcare system in Bulgaria and its outcomes, which are undoubtedly indispensable for the interpretation of the latest changes proposed by the Ministry of Health. Particularly consequential in this respect is the fact that the analysis covers the health system in its entirety and has the profundity necessary to disclose significant systemic dependencies in the system. All proposed reforms affecting one or another part of the health system, including the health insurance model, ought to be evaluated in regard to their effect on the overall functioning of the health system rather than being limited to palliative solving of particular problems.

The full text of the analysis is available on the website of Varna Medical University Press.

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