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Students from the Medical University of Varna help in the disaster which afflicted Varna

The Management of the Medical University of Varna will provide to the students participating in the cleaning of Asparuhovo residential area working equipment (boots, gloves), instruments, food and transportation, starting tomorrow June 24th 2014.

The meeting point is at 10:30in front of the Cathedral, from where the buses of the University will transport the students to the neighbourhood and will return them in the evening.

The management of MU-Varna would like to thank our students, who are sitting for their examination session,for their civil compassion and responsibility.

Part of the foreign students,who are volunteers, are certified paramedics.

Let us remind you that just one day after the disaster on Friday, June 20th 2014, a group of foreign students from Varna Medical University organized and offered their help to the residents of the Varna residential quarters, taking part in the cleaning of streets and houses of the families who suffered losses. In the following days they were joined by other university students, reaching 50 students during the weekend. The groups of students come from England, Holland, Germany and Sweden.

"We are in mud up to the ears", says Stoyan Monev - a student from the Medical University and participant in the campaign. 

Between  10:30and 11:00 a.m. on Sunday, June 22nd 2014, a meeting point was organized in front  of the  City Hall in Asparuhovo, at which the volunteers gathered, organized by the National Representation of the Students' Councils and the local Students' Councils.