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For the First Time MU-Varna Introduces the Elective Discipline of "Aviation Medicine"

For the first time MU-Varna organizes training in the specific medical discipline of "Aviation Medicine". The enrollment is for 2019/2020 academic year. The training is intended for fourth year medical students and will be held at MU-Varna, and some practical classes will be conducted at the military and civil aviation structures.

The Medical University in Varna is the first and only medical university in Bulgaria which provides training to students in the field of Aviation Medicine.

Those willing to enroll for the course can apply by e-mail: , on tel. 0882 051 681 (Dr. Boyan Parvanov) or personally at the Department of Emergency Medicine and Maritime Medicine at the building of RHI.

The training starts in October. Prof. Lyubomir Aleksiev is the chairman of the Bulgarian Society of Aviation, Maritime and Space Medicine. Prof. Aleksiev is a long-time lecturer, scientist and researcher at the Military Medical Academy. He deals with the issues of aviation and space environment and their impact on the human body residing there. A particular emphasis in his scientific work is placed on the professiograms of aviation specialists, as well as on the hygiene and health management of air travel.

Aviation medicine is also an essential part of travel and tourism medicine. Qualified physicians in these fields will have an opportunity, through an appropriate input of theoretical and practical training, to develop their career in the field of tourism industry, which has marked an accelerated and important development in the economy of our country.

The programme of study covers topics related to aviation hygiene and toxicology, occupational health and safety, aviation psychology, spatial disorientation and flight illusions, the importance of the human factor for aviation, safety culture, aviation accident investigation, clinical aviation medicine, medical standards and expertise of aviation personnel, motion sickness in aerospace environment and plenty of others.


Veronika Stoyanova