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Varna will host the First Regional Balint Seminar at the beginning of March

The First Regional Balint Seminar for medical specialists, psychologists, social workers and students will take place on the 1st of March 2014 in the Youth Center in Varna.  The event is organized by the Bulgarian Balint Society in partnership with the Department of General Medicine in the Medical University of Varna and the Youth Information Consultancy Center "Varna of the Young".

The participants in the seminar will have an opportunity to learn more for the techniques for overcome the burnout syndrome. The "Burnout syndrome" is a term in psychoanalysis and it is observed in many people whose professions involve working with people. The approach for overcoming this condition was elaborated by Michael Balint who was a prominent psychoanalyst and one of leading names in British and world psychoanalytical society.

The Balint seminar is accredited by the Bulgarian Physicians' Union in the framework of the continuing medical training, Category B – seminar. Each participant – general practitioner obtain 5 credits and all participants will obtain certificats from the Bulgarian Balint Society (

See the programme.

For contacts and enrollmen:

Stela Michailova,

Department of general medicine at MU-Varna


тел.: 052 30 28 93

YICC "Varna for young",


The language of the seminar is Bulgarian!