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Distance Learning Center Begins Academic Staff Training for working with Blackboard Learning Platform

From 30th June to 11th July 2014, at the Distance Learning Center academic staff training for working with Blackboard Learning Platform will be held. The training will take place after a prior request at E-mail address, and it will be conducted in groups, within 2 hours. During the short training course the academic staff will acquire basic knowledge and practical skills, required for the installation of electronic resources, test preparation and activation of interactive tools (blogs, journals, forums, wiki-s). The training will provide lecturers with further ideas of the possibilities of the system and how to use it most effectively and rationally in accordance with the characteristics of teaching of the respective subject.

The team of the Center emphasizes that the objective of e-learning is not to replace classroom lectures, but to provide an opportunity for academic staff to create additional learning resources, interactive exercises, tests, videos and so on, depending on the specifics of the respective course and the students' needs. Each lecturer will decide what part of the lecture material (or that of the exercises) to be uploaded on the platform and in what form - video lectures, slides or PDF-files.

In order to facilitate the training visually and to make it entirely consistent with the needs of lecturers, the team of the Distance Learning Center recommends that course participants bring materials that they would like to upload on the platform.

Besides in July, academic staff training for working with Blackboard is scheduled also for September. It is expected e-learning materials to be uploaded in all subjects taught at MU-Varna by the beginning of the academic year 2014-2015. Since the implementation of Blackboard system electronic teaching materials have been developed and have already been functioning in many academic sectors (Anatomy, Biochemistry, Foreign Languages , Internal Medicine, Surgery, etc.). The team of DLC invites all lecturers who have not submitted their requests for launching a subject in Blackboard and obtaining an account to do it till 3rd July 2014.

Forums, as additional contact opportunities with specialists from the Center, are to be opened soon. Meanwhile, the team of DLC will be available to all students and academic staff for questions and advice.

From March to May this year representatives of different training sectors have been trained by the supplier company. At present the team of DLC faces the task to train a maximum number of lecturers to work independently with the system. The implementation of the systems for additional electronic training and the establishment of the Distance Learning Center are a part of the project under Human Resources Development Operational Programme - "Development of Electronic Forms of Distance Learning in the System of Medical University "Prof. Dr. Paraskev Stoyanov"- Varna", won by the University 2 years ago.