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Новини и Събития

Charity Christmas Bazaars organized by the students of Varna Medical University

All the visitors of the Charity Christmas Bazaar, organized by the students of Varna Medical University and University Hospital "St. Marina" on December 16th 2013 in Varna, had the opportunity not only to enjoy more Christmas atmosphere but also purchase Christmas candles against a symbolical price. The patients from the Clinic of Psychiatry made the decorations and cards, candles and wreathes during the courses of labour therapy for the past three months.

Labour and art therapies are an important part of the treatment process, which is why the students will donate the collected funding to the Clinic of Psychiatry for the purchase of additional materials. They will be used for the making of martenitsi and Easter decoration in the moths to come. The labour therapist Vyara Angelova and her team will surprise the patients from the wards with cheese pies with lucky wishes.


Today is the third day of the Christmas bazaar organized and carried out by the students from the specialties "Social activities" at the Medical College in Varna. The raised funding will be donated to the children from the Centre for Children with Special Needs "Karin Dom"in Varna. ​