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The Specialists at UMHAT "St. Marina" Have Celebrated the World Kidney Day

Today the specialists at UMHAT "St. Marina"-Varna celebrated the World Kidney Day. Assoc. Prof. Dr. Svetla Staykova, Head of the Nephrology Clinic, Prof. Dr. Valentina Madzhova, CEO of DCC "St. Marina" and Prof. Dr. Dimitrichka Bliznakova – a leading child nephrologist, drew the attention to the risk factors, symptoms and prevention of kidney diseases.



850 million people worldwide suffer from kidney diseases of various origins. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) kills more than 2.4 million people per year and is currently the 6th most frequent cause of death. Many people do not even know that they have chronic kidney disease. The risk factors for this are plenty - high blood pressure, diabetes, smoking, overweight, family history. Nephrologists recommend that anybody over 50 years of age, with one or more of these symptoms, should undergo regular prophylactic check-ups.

The kidney disease symptoms are fatigue, loss of appetite, breath that smells like ammonia, "foaming" urine, difficult or frequent urination, lumbar pain. Experts recommend consulting a nephrologist in case any of these symptoms occur.

Kidney diseases occur in about 10.4% of men and 11.8% of women. Between 5.3 and 10.5 million people need dialysis or transplantation. Many of them die due to the lack of financial resources. Acute kidney injuries occur in 13.3 million patients every year! They can be cured or can pass to CKD in the future.

This year the World Kidney Day is aimed at focusing the attention on the increasing rate of kidney diseases worldwide, putting the stress on early diagnosis and prevention.

                                                                                                                                                                                               Velina Markovska