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“Future for Young Doctors” Initiative

From 21st May to 21st June, in the framework of the "Future for Young Doctors" initiative, every young doctor, postgraduate, doctoral or medical student can share his/her ideas and suggestions on the issues of specialization, development of young doctors, the Bulgarian Health Care and education by sending an e-mail to  or filling in а contact form at . The "Future for Young Doctors" initiative was organized by the Association for Development of Medical Community (ADMC) and the Association of Medical Students in Bulgaria - Sofia. The organizers plan a round table discussion to give consideration to all e-mails and on this basis to come up with a common position.
The "Future for Young Doctors" initiative is aimed at solving a number of problems related to education, continuing education and professional development of young doctors. The dynamic processes of development of the society over the last 20 years, the establishment of the European Higher Education Area, which has led to the opening of the labour market in the European Union, the increasingly growing urbanization, the ageing of the employees in the Health Care System have set issues of importance for solution by the Bulgarian Health Care System. The continuing postgraduate training in Bulgaria has proved to be more difficult than in other countries. Losing each graduate student is a direct loss of the State, which has invested great financial and time resources for the training of each master of Medicine. Furthermore, the low payment of postgraduates in Bulgaria brings about the natural outflow of young doctors from the country. Unfortunately, the lack of perspective, the great public pressure for a better Health Care System has led to the demotivation of many physicians, resulting in the decreasing quality of the Health Care in Bulgaria.
The organizers are convinced that the "Future for Young Doctors" initiative has the potential to grow into something great, which will turn out to be beneficial to all the interested parties.
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