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Новини и Събития

Students from the Faculty of Dental Medicine Visited the Pediatric Clinic at UMHAT “St. Marina” - Varna

On the eve of the upcoming Christmas and New Year holidays, students from the programme of Dental Medicine at MU - Varna Yoana Ruseva and Simona Stoynova, together with Dr. Sirma Angelova from the Department of Pediatric Dental Medicine at FDM, visited the Pediatric Clinic at UMHAT “St. Marina” - Varna.
The aim of the visit was to raise the young patients’ awareness of the methods of effective oral hygiene care and the motivation to perform individual prophylaxis on a daily basis. The students made a presentation on oral health in front of the children. The kids actively participated in the educational game, giving answers to questions about the useful and harmful to the teeth food and drinks. The fourth-year students Yoana Ruseva and Simona Stoynova showed the techniques for proper tooth brushing individually to each child. The diligence of the children was highly appreciated, and every one of them was rewarded with gifts.
This noble educational and humane activity, which has already become a tradition, was accomplished thanks to the active assistance provided by Prof. Dr. Violeta Yotova, Prof. Dr. Dimitrichka Bliznakova, Prof. Dr. Stefan Peev and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Radosveta Andreeva. The Student Associations of Medicine, Dental Medicine and Pharmacy in Varna, as well as the Student Council at MU-Varna, also provided their kind support.