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“Evrika” Foundation announces a competition for scholarships

A student who is educating in the area of Medicine or Biology can receive an annual scholarship amounts to 2000 BGN. For the 11th year Evrika Foundation organizes a competition in which the students can participate in 10 different areas in science. The scholarships are in the following areas:

1.     Computer sciences named after Jhon Atanasov;

2.     Mathematics named after acad. Nikola Obreshkov;

3.     Physics named after acad. George Nadjakov;

4.     Chemistry and Chemistry sciences named after acad. Rostislav Kaishev;

5.     Medicine and Biology named after acad. Methody Popov;

6.     Agricultural Sciences including Veterinary Sciences and Forestry named after acad. Doncho Kostov;

7.     Engineering Sciences in the field of electronics, automation and electrical engineering named after acad. Dimitar Mishev;

8.     Engineering Sciences in the field of mechanical engineering technology  named after acad. Angel Bamevski;

9.     Construction and architecture named after Kolio Ficheto;

10.   Economics named after acad. Evgeny Mateev.

Rights for application have Bulgarian students in Bulgarian universities at least in the second course of their training with success from school years not less than Very good (5.00) and enrolled for regular training for the academic 2013/ 2014

The applicants must submit personally or to send by post the following documents:

1.     Request (free text) for the willingness to participate in the competition to receive scholarship by Evrika Foundation and a Sample Form available here.

2.     Certificate from the university for the academic success during the students' years and enrollment for the new academic year 2013/ 2014.

3.     Copy from a document certifying a participation and ranking in national and international contests, Olympiads and conferences, publications in Scientific journals and others showing the applicants achievements in the field of relevant science;

4.     Essay on topic "My future as specialist – dreams, plans and reality" (up to 3 pages).


The deadline for application is from 01.09.2013 to 15.10.2013.

For more information: