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New Academic Staff Complement at the Faculty of Pharmacy

Last week, the Academic Council of MU - Varna selected Svetlana Fotkova Georgieva, Doctor of Pharmacy, to be awarded with the academic title "Associate Professor" in the professional field of Pharmacy and in the scientific specialty Pharmaceutical Chemistry.
The majority of Assoc. Prof. Fotkova's works are dedicated to the newly established field of Mathematical Toxicology, representing an attractive tool for quick and accurate ecotoxicological risk assessment of various chemicals in the process of creating new drugs, as well as, an assessment of their impact on the environment and the effects on human health. It is evident that the new pharmaceutical products must be assessed in this aspect necessarily before being placed in the pharmacy network. The purpose of Mathematical Toxicology is to support their assessment by in silico models. The latter are a good alternative to standard in vivo and in vitro experiments to assess drug-induced toxicity and reduce the time for the creation of new drugs and, last but not least, to save money. Assoc. Prof. Fotkova shows keen scientific interests in the study of the toxicity of organic compounds.
In a series of her studies, Assoc. Prof. Fotkova has been working on issues, related to the determination of health risk effects of phenol derivatives with estrogenic activity. She has examined the relationship between their biological activity, the degree of exposure, and their mechanisms of action through ways, included in the hormone action and homeostasis, including the biological activity of the possible metabolites. A risk assessment of the metabolites has been made and the results have shown that the mother structures and their metabolites are highly resistant to the environment, but they are not bioaccumulative.
These studies are further developed in works, related to the development of methods for purification of industrial waste water. The mathematical parameters, proving the effectiveness of the thermo-dialysis processes and their potential in the purification of industrial waste water from pharmaceutical and chemical industries, contaminated with substances with estrogenic activity, have been derived and supplemented.
The research related to development of models for predicting the hepatotoxicity of xenobiotics in mammals represents a subfield in the scientific research of Assoc. Prof. Fotkova. The acquired information may be useful for predicting potential hepatotoxic effects of new compounds which contain such structural fragments in their molecules and undergo similar bioactivating metabolic effects in the liver of mammals.
The medico-social focus in Assoc. Prof. Fotkova's works is connected with the conduct of a study of the applied drug therapy, identification of the specific needs in the treatment of autism spectrum disorders. It has been found that a specific treatment of autism does not exist. The attitude of the medical specialists and the families of children with autistic disorders to the educational planning, intervention and treatment is defined by means of a survey. The results also show that the approach both in diagnosis and in treatment should be integrated and interdisciplinary and it should be implemented both at home and at school, and at specialized institutions and children's centres.