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“Golden Galen” for the Top Student of Class 2015 of the Faculty of Pharmacy at MU-Varna

On 27th February the graduates of Class 2015 of the Faculty of Pharmacy at Medical University–Varna received their diplomas at an official ceremony, held in the Hall of the State Opera. These young pharmacists are the second class of graduates of the pharmaceutical faculty in the seaside capital.

In his academic speech the Rector of the University Prof. Dr. Krasimir Ivanov congratulated the alumni. "Five years ago you crossed the threshold of Medical University - Varna, full of hope and faith in the future, believing that here you would get the best education needed to master the Art of Pharmacy," he said and went on to wish them, "Be unrelenting in front of challenges! Use your creative energy and devote yourselves to humanity, because the ultimate recognition for your efforts is the grateful eyes of the patient. A single smile and an encouraging word for the patient are as valuable as drugs themselves. For you could be the "White Swallow" of hope and healing."

37 alumni swore the Oath of a Pharmacist and received their diplomas from Prof. Ivanov. Four students completed their 5-year training and state examinations with honours and were awarded with a money prize by the Rector. The prize "Golden Galen" has been awarded for the first time at this graduation ceremony, and Maya Radeva, who achieved excellent grades at all her exams, was awarded with it. She also received a money prize on behalf of the Mayor of Varna. "I have chosen to pursue my professional development as an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Pharmacy and to convey my knowledge to our future colleagues", said Maya Radeva.

The Award of the Dean of the Faculty of Pharmacy named after Prof. Dr. Delcho Zhelyazkov was awarded to Ms. Rada Pehlivanova, Chairman of Regional Pharmaceutical Association - Varna. This award was presented for her contribution to the integration of the graduates of the Faculty of Pharmacy in the professional community.

The talented students from MU-Varna Radina Genova, first year student in "Assistant Pharmacist", and Martin Stefanov, fourth year medical student, congratulated the Master Pharmacists with a musical performance.​​