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Medical students conduct a campaign entitled “Folic acid for a healthy baby”

The information campaign entitled "Folic acid for a healthy baby" is conducted for the first time in Bulgaria at the initiative of the Association of Medical Students in Varna and the Students' Council in the University. The campaign aims at informing not only young women but also men about the importance of vitamin B9 known as folic acid for the human body and particularly the women bodies before and during pregnancy.

Yesterday students distributed over 1000 information materials on the premises of the Economic University. Today the campaign is in the Naval Academy "N. I. Vaptsarov". Except for the information materials the campaign promoters are conducting surveys with the passers-by. 

A discussion with the students which will be led by Prof. Dr. Stefan Ivanov – Head of the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology at MU-Varna will take place at the end of the campaign which is at 18:00 on March 17th 2014 in the Second Auditorium of the Medical University of Varna.