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Fun Facts in anticipating the new academic year

14 interesting facts for the human body that might be useful to include in the boring conversation … and to seize the opportunity to mention that you are studying at MU – Varna.

  1. Nerve impulses to and from the brain move with 274 km/ h. This makes them comparable with luxury sports cars.
  2. Human brain may collect information 5 times more than the whole series of Britannica Encyclopedia. Some scientists insist that its volume might reach 1000 terabytes. 
  3. The brain doesn't feel any pain. Despite it is a center that register the whole body pain, it hasn't similar receptors. The good news is that it is surrounded by tissues and blood vessels that warn immediately in case of problem.
  4. Nails don't grow equally. The faster growth has the longest finger's nail of the dominant hand.
  5. Human hair may contest for the title "Die Hard". Cold and water do not affect hair, moreover it is stable to different acids and harsh chemicals. Practically it is indestructible until the fire appears.
  6. Blood vessels in human body may cover an area of 96 560 km. Obviously the man is not so small creature as the distance around the Earth is "only" 40 233 km.
  7. Woman's hearth beats faster than man's. The reason is simple – woman's hearth is smaller, therefore it pumps less blood in one beat.
  8. Scientists found over 500 functions of liver. This makes the liver one of the most diligent and responsible organs in human body.
  9. Why does one close his/her eyes when sneezes? Because in this moment the reached speed is 45 m/sec. That's why it is a good idea to close a mouth with a hand.
  10. Women wink twice more than men. Person winks average 13 times in a minute.
  11. The biggest sell in the human body is an ovum and the smallest is a sperm.
  12. Teeth start to grow 6 months before birth.
  13. After overeating hearing is weakened temporary. 
  14. Nose may remember 50 000 different smells.