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A Baby Owl – Luck Charm of Our Current and Future Students

Undoubtedly, luck is very important - in each endeavor ... but especially when it comes to exams ...​

It showed up yesterday, sheltered in the Laboratory of Nutrigenomics of the Department of Biochemistry, Molecular Medicine and Nutrigenomics. It was given the name of Genomcho. And everyone unanimously decided to proclaim it the good luck charm of the prospective students in this year's admission campaign at MU-Varna – the baby owl, found defenseless and without parents, by Assoc. Prof. Yoana Kiselova, in a street of Chaika Residence Complex. It spent the whole day in a box, being disturbed from time to time by the photographer of the University and the curious stares of the few people who knew about it. The Bulgarian Society for Protection of Birds advised us to take it back to the place where it had been found, place it on a tree and hopefully, cheeping noisily it would find its parents again.

The owl is a symbol of longevity, wisdom, knowledge and erudition. Many Feng Shui specialists believe that an owl figure at home favours personal growth, encourage the development of mental abilities, helps the acquisition of knowledge, enhances spiritual development. It is used to enhance the learning process, working capacity and mental labour. It helps its owner to predict the future and see everything, invisible to human eyes.

​Some applicants might be envious of Genomcho. Anyway, there are not many infant owls who can boast that they have entered the Medical University with no entrance exam. We keep our fingers crossed for Genomcho to find its parents, and we sincerely wish it would bring to our prospective and future students not only a lot of luck and success in learning, but also everything that the owl symbolizes.