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A Specialist in Surgery Has Become a Professor at MU - Varna

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Valentin Lyubomirov Ignatov, MD, D.Sc. was elected to take the academic position “Professor” in the scientific field “General Surgery” at yesterday's meeting of the Academic Council of Medical University - Varna.
In 2013 Prof. Ignatov published a habilitation thesis on “Acute Gastrointestinal Bleeding - Endoscopic Diagnosis and Treatment”, which is focused on the problems of acute gastrointestinal bleeding of all aspects. We should emphasize on the importance of the long experience and professional practice of Prof. Ignatov as the Head of “Endoscopic, Laser and Mini- Invasive Surgery” Sector and the First Clinic of Surgery at St. Marina University Hospital in Varna.
Colorectal cancer as a disease ranks third in mortality from oncological diseases in humans. And even among men it ranks second after lung cancer. In his scientific and practical activity Prof. Ignatov enriches all aspects and forms of practical approaches to the treatment of this socially significant disease. He also offers and practically proves the correctness of different algorithms and strategies, leading to significant improvement of postoperative and oncological results. A special attention is paid to several new staging modalities, such as the three-dimensional Endorectal
Еchography and the application of NBI-mode, with which it is possible to increase the frequency of detection of early forms of oncological diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Prof. Ignatov develops from a theoretical and practical point of view the method of inter-sphincter resection, in combination with mini-invasive laparoscopic approach. This method improves significantly the outcomes after radical surgery in rectal cancer with low localization, directly influencing the rate of sphincter-sparing operations which, otherwise, are casuistic rarity at more distal locations.
Besides the problems of acute gastrointestinal bleeding, in his scientific publications Prof. Ignatov
considers the natural passage of the treatment of colorectal cancer to more mini-invasive and less traumatic methods of surgical treatment, such as, by their nature are laparoscopic resection of the rectum and colon. The author’s analysis is solidly supported by his own results and medicine based on evidence. The possibilities of surgical treatment and systemic therapy for stage IV of colorectal cancer, as well as the full range of diagnostic and staging modalities (indicators and models of determination of the stage of disease) are discussed.
Moreover, Prof. Ignatov has been working on the problem of early detection of cancer of the rectum, which increases the incidence of early forms. Furthermore, he introduces some innovations in the field of staging and an absolutely innovative for the country method of radical endoscopic surgical treatment through submucosal dissection (dissection under the lining of the intestine). And last but not least, he has been dealing with the problem of complex treatment of liver metastases from colorectal cancer and the significant influence of the multimodal approach to resectability (removal) of metastases and the survival of patients.