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Assoc. Prof. Stamat Nikolov Stamatov. M.D. died on January 10th, 2014. MU-Varna bid a farewell to the dedicated scientist, deeply respected as a colleague and teacher.

Assoc. Prof. Stamatov was a founder of the medical tourism on the Bulgarian coast. He was an instructor at MU-Varna and a free-lance instructor for medical tourism at the Economics University, a consultant at the clinical balneological center "Dobrudja" in Albena resort, a national representative and President of the International Association of Thalassotherapy (AIT) in 1975. His contribution to the development of thalassotherapy and balneotherapy as a science is priceless.

Assoc. Prof. Stamatov was a teacher for generations of physicians and teachers in the field of cardiology and rheumatology. He was the doyen of the academic society not only at the Medical University of Varna but also of our sea capital. He was a honorary citizen of Varna, "Scientist of the year" for 2001 and a laureate of the academic prize "Blue ribbon" of MU-Varna. Furthermore, he held the highest academic award of the University – "Honorary sign with blue ribbon" awarded in 2013. 

For the sixty years of his scientific and research activity he left to us over 400 scientific and methodological materials.

Rest in peace!