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"I Am Looking Forward to My First Day at the University" - an Interview with the Newly Admitted Medical Student from Varna - Kristiyana Dimitrova

Hello, Kristiyana. You are one of our newly admitted medical students. Why did you decide to apply for MU-Varna?

I applied for Medicine only in Varna, as the exam format in the different places is different, and I had made up my mind to choose only one place and to focus only on it. The dilemma was pretty big, given the fact that both Varna and Sofia are the major medical universities in the country. However, finally, I decided to choose Varna after visiting the University during the Open days.

What struck you most strongly about our University during the Open Days?

Firstly, the attitude towards prospective students. The fact that special personal attention was paid to everyone. If you had any questions, if you were eager to find out something, there were people you could ask and receive answers from. I was really struck by the lecture room with 3D glasses, where we were shown the structure of various parts of the human body. I had made inquiries before that in order to make a comparison between both universities, and the information I was coming across constantly was that the training facilities of Varna were way much better. Another thing I found out was that the lecturers in Sofia were the same for 30-40 years. Well, I am not sure whether this is more positive or not. What I believe is that it is great to have younger staff among the University lecturers, and I had the chance to meet some of them during the Open Days.

Is becoming a doctor your childhood dream?

Ever since I can remember, at my conscious age, and whenever my parents have asked me what I want to study, I have always answered that I want to be a doctor. But somehow over the time this desire somehow cooled down. I've been thinking of other options, as well, because I'd like the profession I am going to practise to satisfy me - I want to be interested in what I am going to do, but at the same time I want to have material satisfaction, as well. So, I have already made my decision, in fact, there is nothing I like more than Medicine.

Someone once said that if you turn your hobby into a profession, you won't have to work even for a single day – you have to love what you do. Maybe this is what you are looking for, as well?

Well, yes. It is really important to love your work. Moreover, I have recently found out that when I was a little girl, my parents had thrown my umbilical cord in the courtyard of the Medical University.

And I wonder if the first thing you reached out to get was a stethoscope or a medical thermometer when you made your first steps?

Actually, the first thing I picked up was а package of drugs.

Here, everything falls into place!

So you see, it was my destiny from an early age not to be anywhere else but at the Medical University of Varna. (Laughs). Yeah, actually, come to think of it, it was not such a difficult dilemma to choose MU-Varna. The only thing that worried me was studying for the exams because I started getting ready much later, in October. I was hoping to succeed for such a short period of time. Please bear in mind that other people have been studying for the exams for two years and a half, even three. I decided to devote myself to this goal and thank God I did it.

Did you take advantage of the preliminary examination, which MU - Varna provides to its prospective students for the second consecutive year?

Yes, I did. Then I was not sufficiently prepared. That was my first encounter with such an important event - an examination that determined your entire future.

But on the other hand, that's exactly the real purpose of these examinations - to become more or less psychologically prepared and if the first time you were not calm enough and you did not show what you really knew, you still have a second chance during the regular examinations.

My grades of the regular examinations were almost one point higher than the preliminary ones. So I can certainly say that there really was that psychological effect of calming down. And if someone is hesitant whether to sit for the preliminary examinations or not, I would tell them that they must undoubtedly go for it.

What is your opinion on the University website? Do you read it and do you find the information you need?

Oh, yes. I visit it quite often and I find the necessary information on everything I am interested in – application, documents, up-to-date information about events, occurring in the University, various activities and student campaigns.

Yes, they are definitely a lot and I can assure you that under no circumstances you will be bored at our University

This is the other thing I wanted. To have the opportunity and the necessary facilities, not only to study a lot, but also to be involved in social causes. I've read somewhere about the initiative Teddy Bear Hospital and I adore it. At that very moment I thought that maybe I should take up Pediatrics.

And this is my next question - which path of Medicine you intend to choose?

I am thinking of Cardiac Surgery. Also I am considering the option of Anesthesiology. And why not Psychiatry? That's the beauty I think of General Medicine - unlike Dental Medicine or Pharmacy. If you enroll Dental Medicine - you become a dentist. In General Medicine there is a variety of fields, and you have a great choice – that's why I like it so much.

Apparently, your desire will become clearer in the course of study.

I strongly hope it will happen as soon as possible. I know that in the third course there are internships for which you should already have decided what you want to do and which path you choose.

Are there any doctors in your family?

Absolutely not. No one in our family is a doctor. Maybe I'll be the first one.

What do you enjoy doing in your spare time? Do you have a hobby?

In fact, I admire people with a hobby, but unfortunately I'm not one of them, at least for now. I love going out with friends in my free time. I also love browsing through many different websites, searching for information about things that interest me, such as various strange and rare diseases, and in general any kind of medical issues. I hope I'll have richer knowledge than my colleagues at the start.

I know you wish to be part of the Student Council. Why?

I think I have good organizational skills. I also love being in the center of events, of all campaigns that will be conducted. I've been a volunteer in campaigns to raise funds for several homes for children in Bulgaria. In some cases it was not part of some larger organization, but my personal initiative to collect toys. I have recently decided to donate encyclopedias for children about the human body to one of the homes for children, as I don't need them any longer. Thus, some little child could find his/her true self and make a decision to become a doctor.

Do you practice any sport?

At present I do not practise a particular sport. However, when I was a child I practised volleyball, basketball, athletics, tennis, horse riding, swimming, Latin American and folk dances, you name it. I wanted to try everything, but I loved horse riding most of all because it was different from anything else.

What are your expectations for the next few years at MU-Varna?

I intend to study very hard. I expect to meet colleagues who are at a little different level compared to those at high school. I know there are a lot of international students at your University. I'd be interested to immerse myself into such a multicultural environment. On the whole, I expect all my training here to be awesome because studying Medicine and becoming a doctor is what I have always wanted. I cannot wait for 15thSeptember to come. I know, maybe, a week later I will regret it. (Laughs). Really - I am looking forward to my first day at the University!


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