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A Series of Exhibitions "To Sir with Love", Initiated by FPH, was Launched with an Exhibition Dedicated to Prof. Dr. Vladimir Boyadzhiev

The Faculty of Public Health organises a series of exhibitions entitled "To Sir with Love" at the Library of MU-Varna. The first one is dedicated to Prof. Dr. Vladimir Boyadzhiev, the founder of the Department of Hygiene and Occupational Diseases. This happened in 1962, just a year after the opening of the Medical Institute in Varna.

 Prof. Boyadzhiev was the first head of the Department for more than ten years (up to 1974). The main focus of his scientific works is nutrient disorders associated with exposure to heavy metals. He laid the foundations of the research on preventive nutrition issues in Bulgaria and created the first preventive diets for people exposed to lead. Prof. Boyadzhiev developed topics in the field of Occupational Medicine and Industrial Toxicology, General Hygiene. He is the author, co-author and editor of 12 textbooks and monographs, of more than 150 scientific publications in national and foreign journals. The exhibition presents his research, teaching and public activities, visualized through a variety of of pictures from the archives of the Faculty and the Professor’s family.

The exhibition is set in the main hall of the Library and will remain there till 31st March. The series "To Sir with Love" continues till June. Scientists, lecturers and public health practitioners who blazed a trail in the history and the Faculty of Public Health will be presented each month. The exhibitions are part of a rich and diverse programme dedicated to the 15th anniversary of the establishment of FPH.