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Canadian cardiosurgeon demonstrates a by-pass insertion operation at University Hospital “St. Marina”- Varna

​A demonstration operation for a heart by-pass insertion was performed on September 4th 2013 at the Clinic of Cardiosurgery in the University Hospital "St. Marina"- Varna. The surgery was done by the famous in the USA and Canada Prof. Dr. Teresa Kiesser – professor and cardiosurgeon at the University Hospital in Calgary, Canada. "In such a way, a by-pass is performed with 2 arteries as grafts and the patients treated with this technique have better long-term prospects"", said Dr. Plamen Panayotov – Head of the Clinic of Cardiosurgery in the University Hospital "St. Marina"- Varna, who took part in the operation.

Modern and effective, the method is familiar to the Varna cardiosurgeons. It was used in the operation of 12% of all patients in the Clinic in 2012. Four per cent of the patients with similar heart problems are operated by means of the demonstration method in the United States and 10% in Europe", added Dr. Panayotov. He also pointed out that the cardiosurgeons from Varna are facing the task of increasing this type of operations as this is a method improving the quality of the patients' life.

Earlier that day Prof. Kiesser made a presentation for the clinical team, the young surgeons and students, who obtained valuable first-hand information. The most important outcome of the joint operation was that owing to such initiatives, the professionals from Varna have the opportunity to increase their qualification by familiarizing themselves with the highest European and world standards.

The latest generation of echocardiographs for 4D investigations is still available in the operating room of the Clinic. The dimensional imaging approximates to a maximum degree what the cardiosurgeon can see. It enables the diagnosis of the cardiac valve functioning and gives the opportunity for a valve-sparing operation. Furthermore, Dr. Panayotov explained that the apparatus is rather costly and appealed to all state and municipal institutions in Varna to unite their efforts with the efforts of Varna University Hospital "St. Marina" and Varna Medical University. The purchase of the unique equipment will be a great gain for the population of the region which exceeds 2 million people.