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MU-Varna participates in a German-Bulgarian-Japanese research project on stem cells in brain

The visit of the Head of the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology at MU-Varna Prof. Anton Tonchev in the Kanazawa University (Japan) was related to experiments on stem cells in the brain within a joint German – Bulgarian – Japanese research project. Prof. Tonchev's visit included a series of meetings with the Dean of the Faculty of Medicine in Kanazawa University – Prof. Hiroshi Yamamoto. During the meetings held between 3rd and 13th February 2014, the recent developments in both universities were discussed. "The materials for Blackboard which we have been using since recently in the training process of students as well as a 3D brain demonstration with its separate parts impressed Prof. Yamamoto because similar methods are not used in the training process of medical students in Kanazawa yet", said Prof. Tonchev. "Our Japanese colleagues are interested in the progress which we have made in this field and it is possible for them to start applying these training materials".

Medical University of Varna has a long-term collaboration with the Japanese university in the research and educational field. "More than 10 of our graduates made different research visits to Kanazawa University and part of them have defended PhD thesis there", explained Prof. Tonchev. "I hope that it will continue to be developed in the future and now we can see that they can also learn from us."


The Head of the Department of Anatomy, Histology and Embryology at MU-Varna returned to Varna with a special present by Prof. Yamamoto – a film about the reconstruction of an anatomical model of a whole human body which was initially created by a French anatomist 150-160 years ago and it was restored at the Center for Conservation of the National Japanese Treasure. 

Cadre: Scene of the movie which was given as a gift by Prof. Yamamoto