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Doctor- Patient Communication Problems

In Bulgaria, Medical Staff – Patient Communication still neither meets the European standards, nor the expectations of the patients. Every one of us would like to receive a personal attitude and a calm, reasonable explanation of our medical problem, in accessible language. That is why we are often aware of dissatisfaction with the medical service, precisely because of the inadequate communication between doctors and patients. And the team of MU - Varna is convinced that this can be prevented by properly focused training. The future doctors, nurses and midwives need to develop both their medical and communicative competence before getting into a real working environment.
The idea that a medic cures not only by his/her professional knowledge and skills but also by precisely chosen, relevant to the status and personality of the patient, words, has been imposed since the time of Hippocrates. Communication skills are acquired slowly and should be developed constantly, systematically and consciously - especially in the field of Health Care. In fact, this is
the main objective of the two-year project of the Department of Foreign Languages, Communication and Sports at Medical University - Varna. The project, under the “Human Resources Development” Operational Programme provides optimization of the curricula and programmes on communicative competence and a specialized foreign language in the field of Health Care.
That is why the practical
approach of the training of communication and a foreign language, particularly in the context of communication with the patient, is at the core of the project. The modernized and innovative methods, techniques, teaching materials, programmes and plans that are to be made will be based, on the one hand, on the specific needs and requirements of the hospitals and the other medical facilities in the region of Varna, on the other hand, they will comply entirely with the common European communication rules.
In the first stage of the project the specific needs, problems and demands of the market - medical institutions and pharmaceutical structures will be analyzed. The project partners are “St. Marina” University Hospital, Medical Hospital for
Active Treatment “Evrohospital” - Vinitsa, Clinic for group practice of primary medical care in dental medicine “Dr. Daniela Kuneva”, ”Manolova” Pharmacies. Their representatives will be involved in surveys, workshops and discussions. Later on they will be involved as consultants during the pilot courses, as well. The launch of the pilot courses on communication and a specialized foreign language for students and lecturers is scheduled for December this year, at MU-Varna.

Another desired positive effect and outcome of the project is the change in the curricula, enabling the students to study a second foreign language additionally.
The full title of the project, amounting to 276 317.90 levs, is "Raising the communicative competence of students in Medicine, Dental Medicine, Pharmacy, Health Management and Health Care Services by improving and creating new training programmes on communication in the field of Health Care and a specialized foreign language, meeting the modern needs of hospitals and other medical facilities and the requirements of the modern information environment - BG051PO001-3.1.07-0061”.
The pilot courses are intended to include about 12 students / lecturers from all specialties and to finish around October 2014. Previously
developed, innovative educational materials and resources, which meet the European imperatives of autonomous learning and lifelong learning, will be introduced through modern technological and information methods of interactive and e-training (E-learning, blended learning).