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MU - Varna – swimming champion in the tournament “Cup for December 8th”

More than 80 students from the five universities in Varna took part in the "Cup for December 8th" swimming tournament, organized by Varna Municipality, the Students' Councils and the sports departments of the universities for the upcoming students' holiday. The swimmers competed in four basic disciplines – 50 meters butterfly, breaststroke, backstroke and freestyle.

The Medical University of Varna participated with 20 competitors. From 12 medals in the female disciplines 10 were won by the future physicians. The winners are as follows:

Individual swimming, 50 m butterfly - Simona Borisova – a third-year student from the specialty "medical cosmetics" won the first prize. Silvia Hristova (midwifery, fourth course) came third.

The disciplines 50 m backstroke and 50 m freestyle were absolutely dominated by the ladies from the Medical University of Varna. The 50 m backstroke ranking looked as follows: Velina Bogdanova (second-year student) won the first prize, Alina Shigri – a student from the English program finished second and Olga Kotova (sixth course) came third. Simona Borisova was once again first in the 50 m freestyle for females, followed by Velina Bogdanova and Katerina Oilenstein (second year, English program).

Our girls Silvia Hristova and Olga Kotova won second and third prize respectively in the 50m breaststroke discipline.

There is a second and a third prize for Christian Chrustev (second-year student of medicine), in the male disciplines – 50 m butterfly and 50 m freestyle, respectively.

MU – Varna ranked second in the 5x50m medley free relay, but in the all-round championship the Medical University of Varna came first with 504.5 points, thus beating the Naval Academy "Nikola Vaptsarov" – Varna by 75.5 points.


There are five disciplines included in the tournament "Cup for December 8th", ending on November 21st, e.g. volleyball, football, swimming, track-and-field athletics, cross and bowling.  ​