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“Rector’s Cup” Sports Tournament Has Finished with Winner Awards

​The official award ceremony of the winners in the "Rector's Cup" sports tournament, held for the sixth consecutive year, took place on 2nd November 2015, at "Prof. Dr. Garabed Kaprelyan" Auditorium of MU-Varna. The University students competed in several sports disciplines.


The "Rector's Cup" started on 9th October with the tennis tournament. Elitsa Mollova won the champion title among women once again. At the final, she faced the first-year student Rafaela Venzel. Last year's winner Georgi Tabakov defended his title, while Yumer Yumerov won the silver medal at the men's competition.

The boys from team "MU" became the football champions, and the German University representatives from team "Deutscher Panzer 1" ranked second. The third team on the podium was "Lions Football Team".

Cupa na rectora  3.jpg 

No less attractive were the bowling and darts tournaments, though these sports events are not so explicitly competitive. The students decided to take part in the sports events and to have fun with their friends. The team "Let Them Fall" succeeded in knocking down the greatest number of bowling pins. The teams "Gerry-Nicole" and "3 Holes in a Ball" were the next. Petar Stoykov ranked first at the darts contest, followed by Oganes Vardanyan, and the bronze went to the future medic Ivan Dimitrov.

After a challenging battle, the "Masons" stood on the top of the podium among the basketball players. Runners-up became the contestants from Selim's team, and the boys from "Stefandunks" ranked third.

Sports emotions overwhelmed the table tennis players as well. Firstly, the matches among women were played, where the gold was won by Miyrem Salieva, followed by Magdalena Kirova and Desislava Nikolaeva.

Then the men's competition ensued. Unsurprisingly, Hrisimir Todorov eliminated all of his competitors and received congratulations on the victory once again. Silver winner at the tournament became Kenny Nyuan, followed by Simeon Spasov.

The two-kilometer distance proved to be a simple warming up exercise for the athletes from Medical University - Varna. Disislava Radkova was the fastest lady in this discipline, and Aleksandra Stefanova remained second. Undisputed winner among men was Nikola Patrikov, who achieved a remarkable speed. Milen Dimitrov finished second and the third fastest athlete was Stoyan Rusev.

The chess tournament aimed to promote not only student physical skills but also to challenge their logical thinking. The best amongst the best proved to be Radi Lukanov, who managed to win the competition. The silver medal went to Arkadiy Ovchinnikov and the bronze - to Nikolaos Hachsas.

 The "Strawberries" proved to be the best at the net. At the volleyball final, they managed to outplay their rivals the "Kangaroos", while the third place remained for the "Retired".

Women proved to be better than men in backgammon. Aleksandra Stefanova became the tournament winner. The silver went into the hands of another female representative - Antoniya Genova. Anyway, there is a male amongst the best three - Petar Malinov won the bronze medal.

The organizers of the Rector's Cup didn't forget about the fitness maniacs among the students of Medical University. The Hippocrates follower Preslav Gerov excelled with the strongest muscles, followed by Lyubomir Ruschev and Rumen Sivkov.

Paintball was the last tournament at this year's Rector's Cup of Medical University-Varna. The participants gathered at the paintball field in Vinitsa and were divided into teams.  The top team, winning the first place, was "Power Rangers", while the silver and bronze medals were taken respectively by the "Black Ops" and "Pharmacists".

The emotions at the Rector's Cup of MU-Varna have already faded away. However, sports still remain an important focus in student lives. On 9th November we are expecting the launch of the competitions in different sports, part of the "8thDecember Cup" tournament, dedicated to the Day of Bulgarian students.