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English language courses with an international certificate for lecturers and employees at MU - Varna

The Department of Foreign Languages, Communication and Sports provides English language courses for academic purposes for the lecturers and employees at MU-Varna, involved in English language training, and the European Language Centre organizes the preparation and award of European certificates under the following conditions:

  1. FOUR LEVEL training (from A2 to C1), following an English system for development of the basic communicative skills for listening and speaking for academic purposes.
  2. Horarium – 100 hour.
  3. Duration: from November 2017 to April 2018;
  4. Participants - lecturers and employees who have studied English, and who are directly involved in the English-language training in all medical and dental courses;
  5. The applicants shall pass a diagnostic test for defining their level (A2 – pre-intermediate, B1 - intermediate, B2 - upper intermediate and C1 - advanced). Those who have submitted a Certificate of level of proficiency in the language issued by DFLCS do not have to pass an exam.
  6. Groups of up to 10 participants, at the same level of knowledge.
  7. Classes are held in non-working hours: 2 times per week for 3 academic hours;
  8. Venue: Rectorate, Medical College, negotiable
  9. Each participant shall pay 560 BGN in advance (for a course and a certificate)
  10. Textbooks are purchased separately depending on the level and the chosen system.

    Registration from 16 to 27 October 2017, by Mariana Belova, organizer Academic Affairs at DFLCS (ext. tel.: 26 59, e-mail: