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Новини и Събития

An Expert from the Ministry of Health of Russia - a Guest Lecturer at St. Marina University Hospital - Varna

On 16th October 2015, the head of the Department of Clinical Psychology at the Yuzhno-Uralsk State University in Chelyabinsk, Russian Federation, Assoc. Prof. Mihail Alekseevich Berebin, DSc, is going to deliver a lecture, entitled "Psychology of Trauma".

The lecture is scheduled for 11.30, at "Prof. Vladimir Ivanov" Auditorium, at St. Marina University Hospital - Varna.

Assoc. Prof. Berebin's visit is within the bilateral cooperation agreement between Medical University - Varna and Yuzhno-Uralsk State University.

Assoc. Prof. Berebin is a deputy chairman of the Ural Regional Office of the Council on Psychology for University Education. He has acquired specialties in Psychiatry, Psychotherapy, Sexology and Clinical Psychology. He is the chairman of Chelyabinsk Professional Organization of Psychotherapists and Medical Psychologists, and by 2014 he had been an expert at the Ministry of Health of Russia.

The lecture will be delivered in Russian and is intended both for university students with special interests in this field and specialists and medical practitioners.