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The University Medico-Dental Centre at MU-Varna Offers Fast, Effective and Painless Treatment to Its Youngest Patients

A team from the University Medico-Dental Centre at MU-Varna has performed an operation under general anesthesia on one of its youngest foreign patients - three-year-old Petra. Within three hours the specialized team (Dr. Teodora Targova, Dr. Dobrinka Damyanova and Dr. Sirma Angelova), together with a team of anaesthesiologists, cured 7 sick teeth of the child. During a single visit to the specialists at the only one of its kind in Bulgaria University Medico-Dental Centre, seven temporary teeth were cured, some of them with dental caries, the others - with pulpitis. Moreover, a correction of the upper mucosal tissue (frenulum), that connects the gingiva to the lip of the upper jaw, was performed by means of the latest generation of diode laser.

Thus, just in a few hours, without multiple visits to the dentist, without any fear, pain or negative emotions usually experienced by the small patients (under 6 years of age), Petra will preserve her already cured temporary teeth until the moment of their natural changing with permanent ones.

The entire procedure at the University Medico-Dental Centre at MU-Varna goes like this: prior to surgery, the child is examined by a specialist in Pediatric Dental Medicine, who draws up a preliminary treatment plan for each tooth. Meanwhile, the parents are consulted by an anesthesiologist and receive detailed information on all matters that they might be worried about. On the day of the operation, under the serene conditions of the pre-operative room, in the presence of a parent, the child is given orally the required dose of sedative. In about 20-30 minutes the little patient gets sleepy and calm enough and can be moved into the operating theatre.

A team of specialists takes care of the child by means of the most modern equipment. During the anesthesia the main vital functions of the small patient are constantly observed on a monitor. After completing the operation the child goes to a specialized day hospital where he/she is observed until the complete recovery of his/her consciousness, breathing and adequate contact abilities. At the hospital the little patient is observed by a qualified nurse and an anesthesiologist. The child's parents / companions accompany him/her which reinforces the feeling of safety and peace.

Dental treatment under general anesthesia allows quick and effective performance of a large number of interventions and manipulations such as treatment of dental caries, pulpitis and periodontitis without feeling any fear and discomfort. This is of great importance for the youngest patients, where the level of assistance to the doctor is minimized. Thus, the child is spared the pain and the stressful experience, while on the other hand this allows the specialists to perform complex treatment of all the sick teeth of the little patient for quite a short time.