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A New Cooperation Agreement between Varna University Hospital and the Swiss Hospital in Bern Is to Be Signed Today

A new cooperation agreement between St. Marina University Hospital in Varna and Inzelspital hospital in Bern, Switzerland is to be signed today at Varna hospital during the visit of Mr. Holger Baumann, chairman of the board of directors of Inselspital Bern and Spital Netz Bern AG - Switzerland.

The cooperation between Inzelspital in Bern and St. Marina University Hospital - Varna made its first steps in 1994, when a joint project between the two university hospitals was funded under an agreement with the Department for Cooperation with Eastern Europe (DEZA) of the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs. Over the past years, a variety of subprojects in the field of hospital management and administration, quality management, nursing, transplantation medicine, benchmarking, hospital information system have been implemented and completed successfully.

Within the partnership relations between the two university hospitals, the first kidney transplant from a living donor has been performed by a team, headed by Prof. Dr. Daniel Candinas, Prof. Dr. Viliyan Platikanov, Prof. Dr. Aleksandar Hinev and Prof. Dr. Valentin Ikonomov at St. Marina University Hospital - Varna. The work under the Quality Management subproject made it possible for St. Marina Hospital - Varna, after a precise audit, to obtain certificates for quality management of the European Foundation for Quality Management EFQM, based in Brussels. According to experts, very few European hospitals can boast results similar to those shown by the hospital. Within the project, doctors and nurses from Varna hospital have had the opportunity to pass short-term and long-term specializations in the hospital partner. In addition, distinguished experts from Inselspital visit the hospital in order to conduct lectures and train doctors from St. Marina University Hospital

Holger Baumann has had 16 years of experience in hospital management and 12 years in the administrative management of the University Clinic in Hanover. He is one of the first to contribute with his work to the introduction of up-to-date funding systems in health care in Germany.​